• “Every one of these children is a ticking Ebola time bomb”

    “Every one of these children is a ticking Ebola time bomb”0

    Gethin Chamberlain for MailOnline, 12 November 2014 Three-year-old Emmanuel Thompson appears first, peering through the doorway of the house in the Clara Town slum. Then tiny Mercy McGill, trots out, and soon there are 10 children running around, shrieking, laughing, looking incredibly cute… and potentially carrying deadly Ebola. For every one of these children has

  • “Even the stones were destroyed”

    “Even the stones were destroyed”0

    Gethin Chamberlain, on the Darfur border, for The Scotsman, 15 June 2004 HALAWA’S body lay on the mountainside where she fell when the bombs exploded, her womb torn open, the tiny body of her unborn baby lying by her side, the blood soaking into the soil congealing in the heat of the sun. She was

  • Hope dies for Africa’s lost generation

    Hope dies for Africa’s lost generation0

    Gethin Chamberlain, in Kapiri Mooshi, Zambia, for The Scotsman, 1 December 2003 CAROL Singwoma is weaving her way through the crowd, the eyes of the men on her dirty white knitted turtle-neck top and the little skirt covering her thin legs. Her skin is a deep black, her eyes big and open, her features attractive,