• Death on five ton tiptoes

    Death on five ton tiptoes0

    Gethin Chamberlain, in North Bengal, India, for The National, Apr 20, 2012 The moment the elephant’s trunk wrapped itself around Fulmani Urao’s waist, she must have known it was all over. She did not even try to struggle. There was no point. It was about 1.30am when the huge, bad-tempered bull elephant smashed its way into

  • The beating heart of Mumbai

    The beating heart of Mumbai0

    It is the biggest slum in Asia, home to more than a million people. It’s also the setting of Danny Boyle’s vibrant new film. But what’s it really like in Dharavi? Eight boys talk about life as slumdog millionaires Gethin Chamberlain, for The Observer Magazine, 21 December 2008 Amid a narrow warren of side streets

  • Last days of the tiger?

    Last days of the tiger?0

    Gethin Chamberlain for the South China Morning Post , 21 February 2011 WHEN he found the bull the tiger had killed, Mangya Moghiya set to work quickly. The wily old poacher knew the tiger would be back soon, and he wished to stack the odds in his favour. He began digging a series of holes and

  • Burning Bright

    Burning Bright0

    Gethin Chamberlain, in Deulbari, Sundarbans, for The National, 27 October 2008 SWAPAN Haldar had no inkling the tiger was there until it pounced, clamping its jaws around his head and dragging him backwards into the thick mangrove forest. It was the last time anyone saw him alive. Haldar, 35, had set off the day before to fish